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Weight Chart For Teens

Mae Said:

Is this weight chart just about right? I don't think it is?

We Answered:

I agree they are wrong . Your range is: 5'2" 109 (low) 137(high). Go to this is where I got this chart, (the chart looks better when you go to their site, but after the height is the low minimum and the next number after it is the high minimum:
Weight Watchers Weight Ranges For Adults (in pounds)
Ft/In In
Minimum for all adults
(BMI = 20) Maximum for all adults
(BMI = 25)
4'8" 56" 89 112
4'9" 57" 92 116
4'10" 58" 96 120
4'11" 59" 99 124
5'0" 60" 102 128
5'1" 61" 106 132
5'2" 62" 109 137
5'3" 63" 113 141
5'4" 64" 117 146
5'5" 65" 120 150
5'6" 66" 124 155
5'7" 67" 128 160
5'8" 68" 132 164
5'9" 69" 135 169
5'10" 70" 139 174
5'11" 71" 143 179
6'0" 72" 147 184
6'1" 73" 152 189
6'2" 74" 156 195
6'3" 75" 160 200
6'4" 76" 164 205
6'5" 77" 169 211
6'6" 78" 173 216

You can also go to and after you sign in go to the my- calorie-counter and find where you calculate you weight for your height.

Jerome Said:

how do you know if a BMI chart is right?

We Answered:

I don't have a good link for BMI for teens as age does not matter, it's a matter of your height vs. your weight. What I can tell you is that you are about 17 pounds underweight as the healthy weight for someone your height is between 120 and 130. Hope this helped.

Kathy Said:

Do you guys know any weight losing websites? for teens?

We Answered:…………

Armando Said:

am i overweight?

We Answered:

A) it depends on how in shape you are. muscle weighs more than fat, so if you have good muscle, chances are you'll weigh more than you look.
B) don't worry about your weight. you're thirteen. you're too young to start worrying about things like that.
C) what you SHOULD worry about is if you're eating healthy. not if you're eating too much, just if you're eating healthy. fruits, veggies, dairy, all that good stuff. someone who's not overweight could die of a heart attack if they're not eating right, while someone who is viewed as overweight will live till they're 80.

but.... no, I don't think you're overweight. that's how much I weighed when I was your age, and I'm fairly thin. (but I eat crap.)

Audrey Said:

where can i find portion size food chart for a teen trying to lose weight?

We Answered:

either sparkteens or body for life websites

Leroy Said:

Average Weight?

We Answered:

Your mom should not make comments on your weight. That's a terrible thing to do. Tell her to mind her own business. Here are some web pages for you.……

Floyd Said:

annoyed with something please help and tell me what you think best answer?

We Answered:

If I may say so I believe you already have your answer.

You are uncomfortable with what the website says and don't feel it is right for your character. Just go with that. It is your literary world and feeling and convictions that matter. Using your experience and gut feelings is the best way to enable the creative mind. Just make her the height you feel represents best the picture in your mind you'd like to convey. Abandon yourself to that and you won't go wrong. Best of luck!

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