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Metric Weight Chart

Johnnie Said:

For your General Biology class, did your professor make you remember the conversion charts for a quiz?

We Answered:

Yes. Do you want to become a scientist? If you do, you'll have to commit this to memory...well, after a while and after doing a bunch of problems, it will become second nature. I know it seems like a pain in the butt, however, it will make your life easier in the long run. If you're not into that type of memorization, then why not consider another major?

The metric system is the standard system of measurement in global science, so we Americans are the lucky recipients of such rogue memorization.

Ramon Said:

can anyone help me to write this program?

We Answered:

You're asking for quite a lot. Good luck to you because no one is going to do all that work for you. I suggest you pay attention in class and give a shot.

Come back when you have some code created (preferably more than just " int main() ") and let us know where the problem is. Maybe then someone will assist you.

I'm all for helping out, but I'm not here to do your homework.

Lead Developer and Programmer


Ian Said:

What type of T Row Price Mutual Fund is PRNEX New ERA ?

We Answered:

T. Rowe Price describes it as a growth fund and I see no reason to dispute them.

Casey Said:

pls help. i had try this programming so many times.?

We Answered:

Here's your program.I think the program is pretty simple to understand.So you should be able to write the flow chart.

using namespace std;
int main()
double height,weight;
cout << "Enter your height in meters ";
cin >> height;
cout << "Enter your weight in kilograms ";
cin >> weight;
double bmi = weight/(height*height);
cout << "nYour BMI is " << bmi;
cout << "nUnderweight.";
else if(bmi >= 18.5 && bmi <= 24.9)
cout << "nNormal.";
else if(bmi >= 25 && bmi <= 29.9)
cout << "nOverweight.";
else if(bmi >= 30)
cout << "nAbove Obese.";
return 0;

Myrtle Said:

I need a metric measurement and weight chart.?

We Answered:

Try this site.

Milton Said:

Does anyone know a good conversion chart for the following?

We Answered:…



Pauline Said:

web sites needed?

We Answered:………

Hope this helps! :)

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