Lose Weight Week

Walter Said:

How many calories should I lose a week in order to lose weight?

We Answered:

Yup, I've read 3500 calories per pound is right. I don't think doing twice as much exercise is the only or best answer though. Your body and metabolism have probably adjusted to your exercise level. But hey, good for you for leading a pretty healthy lifestyle already.
Try cutting out 100-200 calories a day (that could be just one less large soda, one serving of something starchy like rolls, potatoes or bread, etc); never eat after 7 pm; and add one more day of exercise. It could take 6-8 weeks, but those last 5 pounds should come off.
Also check out websites like hungry-girl and weight watchers for ideas on how to cut out a few extra calories. Good luck!
(Though ps - I agree with poster above. You are at a healthy weight for your height already!)

Courtney Said:

How much weight can I expect to lose per week on the Induction phase of Atkins?

We Answered:

Ahh, the magic of Atkins...
i was 170 lbs and 5'4'' when I started Atkins. I lost 17lbs in the first 2 weeks. My roomate was 20 lbs heavier and lost 8 lbs in the same time. It really is different for everyone, but stick to it and the weight will come off.
Good luck!

Jimmie Said:

How can I lose weight in a week and a half?

We Answered:

Just eat healthily an do exercise. It'l soon come off. These crash course diets are usually rubbish or dangerous but if you do it properly you'l give yourself a chance of sticking to it and for it to stay off. And people will soon notice which will spur you on. Good luck!

Suzanne Said:

How much weight will i lose a week if i eat 900-1000 calories?

We Answered:

Like what the others have already said 900-1000 calories is VERY low. Also 1 week is not a lot of time and much of what you lose will be water weight.

But if you really need to know, according to the calculator below you will lose around 3 pounds

Terry Said:

Why did I not lose any weight this week?

We Answered:

You could have gained some muscle. A really easy way to tell is to weigh yourself with body fat percentage scales. Mix up your routine if you stop seeing results.

Earl Said:

how can i lose weight in week without taking pills?

We Answered:

if its around your torso (stomach and moobs) do mad sit ups and push ups, i saw results in like 5 days.
eat right and do some cardio, jumping jacks are good for cardio if you dont like to run

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