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Kids To Lose Weight

Richard Said:

How can I help my kids lose weight?

We Answered:

go wheat free, all three of you. No pasta, pizza, bread and so on. And no food after 7 p.m.
I know a woman who lost 60 pounds a month on it. She did nothing else!

Lucille Said:

Do kids lose weight faster than adults, more details?

We Answered:

It is for several reasons. The biological reason you speak of is very real, because a person your age is only a couple years away from reaching their optimal metabolism in life. That's right, people generally peak in terms of food digestion efficiency at or around 20 years old.

You also have a more active lifestyle going for you, which helps shed the weight. More and more adults work jobs these days that require 6, 7, maybe even more than 8 hours of sitting a day. Students at least get exercise walking from class to class.

Valerie Said:

how can kids lose weight any exercises ?

We Answered:

Dieting is not the same for everyone. Some people can eat junk food and not get fat, while others have to work real hard to keep weight off even if they diet and exercise. Some factors that determine weight gain are: age, metabolism, genetics, lifestyle, diet, etc. Anyone can lose weight. If you eat nothing, it is impossible to gain weight and you will lose weight for sure. However, not eating at all is starvation, which is not healthy.

Here are some tips:

1- Reduce your eating until you are losing between 1 and 2 pounds per week. Losing weight faster usually means starvation, which is NOT healthy.

2- Because you are consuming less food, you will need to ensure that your diet is healthy so you can get your supply of essential nutrients. This is important to maintain your overall health and muscle mass.

3- Exercise! This will build muscle which will eat up even more fat. Start out slow, then work your way up to 45 minutes of cardio and 45 minutes of strength training about 4 times a week of moderate intensity.

4- Eat good whole foods. Examples are: Chicken breast, fish, egg whites, veggies, whole wheat and whole grain products. Eat fruits in moderation because they are still sugar.

5- Keep these foods to a minimum: Deep fried foods, saturated fats, sodas, processed carbs (white bread, trans fats, white flour products, sugar, etc). Remember that fats contain more calories than protein or carbs.

6- Keep these foods moderately low: Food high on the glycemic index, most starches and certain fruits like watermelon.

7- Stay away from fad products (protein bars, diet bars, etc). They are not as good as whole foods, and should only be used when there is no other choice. Mulit-vitamins, iron and calcium supplements are ok if your diet is lacking in those areas due to calorie reduction or specific dieting.

8- Consistency is very important, so unless you are really disciplined, create an exercise routine that you enjoy. If you don’t have money for a gym, find other things to do like power walking, hiking, biking, or other things that keep you active.

If you are still gaining weight after doing these things, you are likely still eating too much, except in rear circumstance like a medical condition. Remember, you cannot gain weight if you are burning up ALL of the food you are eating. Your body may be more efficient than others, which means less food, and possibly more exercise will be required. Good luck!

Jo Said:

Is it healthy for kids to lose weight? Any ideas as to what I should eat? How long I should exercise in a day?

We Answered:

Exercise is good for everyone. It'll give you lots more energy and keep you healthy if you eat right. You might want to talk to a doctor if you're planning on dieting, though, because right now, you're growing, and you will be for a while to come. You don't want to do anything to stunt your growth.

If you're 13, you might still have some of your puppy/baby fat. It's just childhood pudge that melts away with your teen years.

If you're still keen on exercising, try walking. It's fun, you can do it with your friends or family or even by yourself.

Don't abuse your body now, because you're still young, and it's got to last you a life-time. Trust me, I had an eating disorder when I was a kid, and it's messed me up big time now.

Good luck!

Leah Said:

What's fun and will help kids lose weight?

We Answered:

You know, if you like to dance, you can go to your room, put on 30 - 45 mins of dance music and dance consistently for that amount of time. If you did it everyday, I bet you would lose weight.

Suzanne Said:

How do kids lose weight? Because this girl I know refuses to excercise more...?

We Answered:

doesn't matter what age you lose weight by exercising. if the girl is already gaining weight and refuses to exercise, just sit back and watch her get fat.

Johnny Said:

how do obese kids lose weight?

We Answered:

Your neighbors weight is NONE of your business. So stop trying to "help" him and worry about your own f*ckin life.

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just do cardio kick boxing and it might help.

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leana you could do plenty to lose that you just belive in youself and work out often also try to cut back on junk food and instead of drinking soda drink water

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Lilly said:

i have fat thighs and people say that i dont have fat thighs, but i feel like i do and i have slightly jiggly arms but not to fat. i have tried to lose weight and even tried being anorexic, but i was to scared. how should i make myself thin?

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Zendaya said:

Hi! I am 11 years old and i wiegh 51. please give me tips on losing wieght!

I'm fat too said:

I tried loosing weight and almost ended up being aneroxia :( so I had to gain back all the weight

umer said:

hi!my name is umer and my age is 13 so my weight is 90 kilos so help me to lose weight my friends and my family say me fat so im tired i want lose wait

Mallika said:

Well I'm 12 and my weight is 62 kilos and I too want to lose weight.....I can understand how it feels like...just drink lots of water, exercise for 1 to 2 hours, pick up a sport u like if you are like me and don't like any sport then just walk and jump, sweat as much as you can, avoid unhealthy snacks, sleep at least 7 to 8 hrs, eat fruits instead of skipping meals.hope this will help you. said:

Losing weight is an important aspect in life and it should be started from the childhood itself. Once you gain weight, it is difficult to shed it and in that case, by following a strict schedule, you can ensure it. Thanks for writing some points about it.