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Fast Weight Loss Products

Everett Said:

are there any products or pills you can buy that really work with fast weight loss?

We Answered:

no. most "magic" weight loss pills/diets are unsafe, unregulated, and normally only get rid of water weight.
don't risk your health for a quick fix. aerobic exercise, modify your diet and drink plenty of water. it's safe. it works. it's inexpensive.

Toni Said:

what is the most effective and fastest weight loss product and where in the philippines can i buy it?

We Answered:

diet can help a lot.
eat a balanced breakfast of 600 or under, chew slowly so you can feel your self getting full.
and lunch. you may feel the urge to skip lunch but lunch is still important,eat an apple or two or maybe a few granola bars, tuna fish sandwich's are good but my recommendation is not to because fish has a high am mount of protein, protein is an important thing to your body but for lunch you may not need that much protein. now the big one the st iffy one, DINNER, this is what people over due to many times. a good dinner is anything in the protein section. tune's and Other fish is good with the exception of Salmon. if your really determined then don't fill your self up at this point.
if you have a good diet plan this can be decreased a bit or visa verso
anytime an a day where you have at least an hour of free time go to the gym or lay a blanket or mat on the floor. lift weights if you want muscle but make sure you don't over due it because muscle weighs more than fat. now try doing 20 push-ups with out stopping, take a brief break, then do 20 sit-ups if you can. repeat this until you can feel your stomach aching and your arms breaking.
before you eat a meal do 10 sit ups and 5 push ups. this helps open your stomach and digestive system break down food better,
now keep this up for 2 weeks and you'll have it in no time.
e-Mail me if you have any more questions
this is all without purchasing anything so thats cool!
OO Kumast ka i didn't even notice you may be Pinoy or filipino.
also Acai berry is a fast way to lose fat but it costs alot you can buy it at wal-greens

Roberta Said:

Slim fast products & weight loss.?

We Answered:

Seems like a very small amount of food, I'd eat more small meals throughout the day to keep your metabolism up.

1 hour a week of exercise is not enough though, you should get your heart rate up for at least 30 minutes a day.

good luck :)

Colleen Said:

Is there a weight loss product that will take weight off fast?

We Answered:

how about Trim-Spa Baby?

Ruben Said:

What is the fastest weight loss product on the market that works?

We Answered:

Well, for prescription drugs I've had great luck with phentermine. It completely kills the appetite for about a month. For over the counter you might have some success with Alli but beware of the "treatment effects." Bottom line is you need to control portions and really try and include exercise in your regimend.


Natalie Said:

She Needs Help With Fast Weight Loss!!!!?

We Answered:

Most weight loss Pills have really bad side effects,My cousin was throwing up all over the plave because of a pill

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I'd eat more small meals , For over the counter you might have some success .it's safe. it works. it's inexpensive.

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