Eat More Lose Weight

Ramon Said:

Drink lots of water and eat more to lose weight?

We Answered:

Keeping your body hydrated is important at all times.The thought behind the eating more thing is this.You need protein to build muscle.Muscle burns calories quicker and your metabolism speeds up making it easier to keep in shape.If you intend exercising to get in shape then up your protein intake,cut down on carbs and yes keep hydrated.

Antonio Said:

What should I eat to lose more weight?

We Answered:

smaller meals, less salt, less sugar, less fat, plenty of carbs before exercise, plenty of protein afterwards (and a few carbs).

Eat in small meals, 5/6. Don'teat after 8pm, drink plenty, and ensure you take multi vitamins as you might crash out on a few food sources.

Good luck and remember weight loss is 25% food, 75% exercise. I eat whatever I want and still lose weight by training really hard. (it's slower weight loss mind you).

Sally Said:

How many calories should i eat to lose more weight?

We Answered:

your body is trying to tell you that your at a healthy weight. now just maintain

5'2", 120 lbs.
Your BMI score is: 21.9

A BMI score of 18.5 to 24.9 indicates you have a healthy body fat ratio. Remember to keep your healthy lifestyle by eating right and exercising.

Tracey Said:

Why do I lose more weight when I eat less rather than when I eat small, frequent meals?

We Answered:

It's all a matter of calories. If you eat 6-7 small meals that are 300 calories a piece, you aren't going to lose as much weight as you would eating 3-4 meals at 350-400 calories.

Terrence Said:

How many fat grams shoul I eat to lose more weight?

We Answered:

The lower the better I try to keep my fat intake to under 20g...hav dropped 30 lbs in 55 days plus walking 3 miles every other day

Milton Said:

Will I lose more weight if I eat more or less at breakfast?

We Answered:

It depends on the rest of the day.

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