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Darren Said:

What vitamin/mineral food supplement would you not be without?

We Answered:

It would either be New Chapter EveryWoman Multi or an organic superfood formula like Pure Synergy by Naturally Nova Scotia.

Wilma Said:

Is there any food or vitamin supplement I can take to increase the volume of my ejaculate?

We Answered:

For me I have found that these work on my own body, but everyone's built differently (not all men are created equal) so it's not a sure-fire way. Best bet is to go see a urologist and talk to him about other ways to increase your volume and consistency:

1- Extra Zinc intake daily: I take a 50mg Zinc tablet every day and I did notice a small increase in my volume... Not miraculous, but a small improvement!

2- Oatmeal: I don't know exactly why per se, but bland oatmeal (without sugar or flavors) seems to thickem my semen in a noriceable way! I have more of a liquid/watery texture to my semen, so eating a good bowl of outmeal 2 hours before a session helps to thicken my load.

3- Celery sticks: I also discovered that eating "alot" of celery has also helped increase my thickness issue; it appears to be a bit more "stringy" during ejaculation. I think when used in combination with oatmeal, it has a very nice effect.

4- Foods rich in soy protein also help a bit. Soy milk is now part of my daily diet, and I try to eat tofu products as often as I can. Again these help increase the thickness volume of my semen, but it is not miraculous; you have to allow your body time to ajust and assimilate the foods.

5- Tomato foods & the like: I also found that tomato-enriched foods also help with thickness and consistency. If you eat 15 tomatoes a week you should see some kind of improvement within a week or two. I myself drink tomato juice (not the clam stuff) and eat lots of tomato-sauce with my pasta. This has also helped enlarging the volume of my loads but again, it is not miraculous!

6- Other foods & tablets are rumoured to also have an effect on volume and consistency of semen. Nuts, such as almonds and cashews are rumoured to somehow affect the volume of your load. But this has yet to be proven by myself! Also I heard that fish (like salmon) and other types of fish oils can help sperm production. Again, until I test it out, I cannot offer any validity to this.

Also, if you hold off from ejaculating for a day or two, your semen should have time to build up extra reserves which will show when you do ejaculate. However, excess semen stored in your body for over 3 or 4 days will be discarded when you excrete or urinate. Plus as a male, it is not good to refrain from ejaculating for too long, especially when you reach your 30s or so. So there's no need to hold off for more than 3 days or so.

There is no miracle recipe, ingredient, or drug out there to turn you into the next Peter North. No man is created equal, and we unfortunatly have to accept the way our bodies are designed.


Elaine Said:

Any recommendation on a good whole food supplement or vitamin for my child??

We Answered:

Perfect Food
Garden of Life.
It is perfectly balanced in it's natural state & not just a bunch of synthetic vitamins/minerals created in a lab. these are actual green foods (oat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, spirulina, blue green algae, etc).
It also has enzymes & amino acids.

Sara Said:

What is the best vitamin or food supplement that can make me gain weight & enhance muscle growth.?

We Answered:

There is no miracle pill or supplement for gaining weight and muscle. If you have been trying to gain weight unsuccessfully, it isn't supplements you need.

What you need is to learn how to train more effectively and to eat better. Weight gain comes from creating a caloric surplus -- eating more calories than you burn and need. Your money would be better spent on a dietician who can figure out the numbers for you.

I would also consider working with a personal trainer on a muscle building program suited for you and you alone. If your current program is ineffective, no supplement or pill will make it work. You have to change it. Often, this means working out less, working out harder, and eating a ton of food.

Do yourself a favor -- invest your time and money into more useful information rather than on supplements. Speak to experts and get expert help. The supplement route is NOT going to help you. I see people with your desire every day and many of them don't ever get bigger for the simple reason that they don't train properly or eat enough (even though they are spending a fortune on supplements).

Good luck.

Roy Said:

Why do I feel dizzy and want to throw up after taking a vitamin/food supplement?

We Answered:

take it with some milk. and a few crackers. try taking half a dose 2 times instead on one big one, not before bed

Adrian Said:

Anybody knows the name of a food supplement / vitamin as rayobond or similar?

We Answered:

I have not heard of that, but have you looked into MonaVie?

See if this is something similar to what you are talking about.

Go to:

Edward Said:

what food and/or vitamin supplement I can take to get more energy during the day?

We Answered:

Perhaps you could try an energy multivitamin every day. They contain extra B vitamins for energy.

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