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Arnold Said:

Might energy or herbal supplements cause a drug interaction with medication for AD-HD?

We Answered:

Okay. This is in general here.

While your general vitamin and mineral supplement is going to be fine, as long as you stay within normal ranges (for example, you want about 35 µg of chromium daily), as will most amino acids - though I wouldn't bar some company out there from selling some pretty odd things as amino acids.

On the other hand, most plant extracts or 'herbal' products should be avoided. Most of these have never been through any sort of safety testing, and as the toxicology is slowly worked through on a lot of these are coming out to have major impacts on such systems as the Cytochrome P450 mixed function monooxygenase enzymes. Within the last few years for example, it has been worked out that some forms of echinacea are potent blockers of not just one, but all of the major enzymes in this system, which makes it readily possible for it to induce overdose while taking normal doses of medication.

Yohimbine, (the chemical) I can cite as a disastrous idea. Yohimbine is active in the adrenergic receptors, and is notorious for causing blood pressure problems. Most of the ADD drugs you list are sympathetomimetic stimulants - which could cause a variety of nasty problems with yohimbine, up to hypertensive emergencies.

As a general rule, if it is a product containing your basic vitamins and minerals in normal doses, yes. If, however, it is a product that contains an exotic variety of plant extracts, or rather exotic compounds purported for altering physiological chemistry - these would not be considered safe with most prescription medications, and especially not considered safe when dealing with ADD medications.

The fact of the matter is there's virtually no safety monitoring or testing of herbal products, and many of the plants that have been tested for physiological activity have turned out to have some very unwanted properties.

Leonard Said:

is there any indian regulation for the nutritional supplements used in sports?

We Answered:

Max Said:

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Lydia Said:

Need nutritional / health advice about whey protein + creatine?

We Answered:

Whey protein is safe and is already in many of the things you are probably eating daily. Did u know it's in Cheeze it crackers, candy bars, pop tarts and many other foods, including almost all dairy products like yogurt, milk, cheese etc. Baby food has whey protein, The protein in milk is 20% whey, so whey in its concentrated form should be perfectly fine at any age as long as you are not lactose intolerant. Next time you are at the store look at the label on some baby formula. Even that has whey protein in it. Start reading labels and you will see many foods that contain whey, and are safe at any age. Whey is a naturally occurring protein in dairy and it has a lot of health benefits even if you don't workout.………

Flavors, No artificial Fillers etc.

These guys sell the highest quality and best priced pure whey protein.

Morris Said:

Doping/Anti-Doping in Sports?

We Answered:

You should be free from the drugs 2 months before the time of doping.

Joann Said:

Can sports nutritional supplements such as creatine have negative impacts on your body?

We Answered:

I do, being a former body builder I can tell you what works and what doesn't.

First of all FORGET anabolic enhancers.

- Creatine (powder form, not monohydrate)
- L - Glutamine Peptide (powder form)
- Protein (Optimum makes a great one that has a high bioavailbility score..absorbs better)
- High Potency Multi Vitamin
- Lot's of Water

All you need from there is to lift heavy, 5 days a week and EAT, EAT, EAT...and get decent rest.

I weigh 240lbs @ 15% bf right now..I consume almost 5000 cals per day..over the coarse of 6-7 meals

Check out

PS - you don't HAVE to take creatine with sugar it just helps absorbtion. Regardless, immediately after your workout you should cosume sugar or any other simple carb, so as to spike your insulin and stop the catabolism that is beginning due to you just depleting your system of glycogen from intense use of your muscular system. 40-60g of simple sugars / carbs will suffice.

I put honey and creatine in my post wk out Protein shake..taste decent and is a great gaining tool. I average 10-15 of lean mass growth per year.

Jimmy Said:

Can I substitute Mega Men Sport Vitapaks for p90x's Peak Health Formula?

We Answered:

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Brandon said:

Why is whey included in pop tarts?

Brandon said:

Also how much is in it?

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