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Joyce Said:

Is there a vitamin or something similar to it that will give you natural energy, without taking diet pills?

We Answered:

B-12 never did anything for me and all the other suggestions here have been stimulants similar to caffeine, which leaves me feeling wired and uneasy. I recently began taking 100mg of CoQ10 at the advice of several doctors I met at a convention for muscular dystrophy. They swore by it saying that they see improvement in kids who have limited energy due to their weakening muscles. After one week I can honestly say that I feel more alert at work and am waking up feeling less tired in the morning even when I don't get 8 hours. So I think it has helped.

Terry Said:

I want to lose my Stomach fat with something natural. NO colon cleanse or pills.?

We Answered:

So here's the thing, it's not about core-workout. It's about fat burning. I'm willing to bet that you have a six pack, but there's just about half an inch of fat covering it. Now, how do we get rid of that fat? Cardio. Running, biking, things that make you sweat! Also, drink oodles and noodles of water. And avoid...

Bleached flour: look for it in every bread. There are only a few that don't have it, and they generally aren't white or wheat breads.

High Fructose Corn Syrup: Ick. They say it's made out of corn, but really it's an artificial sugar, and it will stick to you like none other.

Preservatives: If you can't pronounce the name, don't eat it.

Eat like...plain oatmeal for breakfast, and snack on fruits throughout the day until noon. Then have a sandwich, that DOESN'T have bleached flour in it, with some organic meat. No cheese or mayo. Mustard isn't half bad for you though. Then from that point on, eat some veggies as snacks! And for dinner, avoid steak, beef, and all red meat. Try to avoid pork as well. Poultry is where it's at!

I hope this helps! I'm 15 and I've lost 20 pound doing this, and I've got a six pack!

Lena Said:

Are there any natural pills/vitamins that provide energy?

We Answered:

MK - 150 asian power drink.

Lillie Said:

Is it ok to take energy pills in early pregnancy?

We Answered:

Obviously you get the idea that you shouldn't take the energy pills...
But since no one offered any suggestions on how to get a little extra energy I thought I might recommend something. Fruit smoothies, or v-8 splash might help you out. Not as much as those pills would, but defiantly a little boost. Also protein will help. Try peanut butter. Also caffeine. Not much, but one cup of coffee or a can of soda a day will be OK. I know how you feel. I could sleep for 13 hours a day if allowed.

Elmer Said:

If I take More Natural Energy, does that replace my everyday multivitamin pill?

We Answered:

If you compare the ingredients on your Multi-vitamin with those of the "More Natural Energy" pill, you might be surprised to see that your Multi has the same ingredients plus some.

I see the Energy pill is rich in B vitamins and is that synthetic nicotine I see listed? I'd read the label more carefully if I were you.

I don't see anything special that will give you more energy than a Multi-vitamin. The only thing extra you'll get from that product is marketing hype.

Cory Said:

natural energy?

We Answered:

A banana! I was reading an article about all the stuff (nutritionally) that bananas are good for. Wish I could still find it. Besides potassium, the one thing that stuck with me was that a banana is the best thing to eat before a workout. One banana can fuel you up for a 30 - 60 minute workout. That's like doing the average Curves circuit 4 times around (2 times around is the usual that they recommend). Eat a banana, and you can really work those machines!

Georgia Said:

Dr. Pinkus Natural Energy Pills?

We Answered:

I've never heard of it, but I looked it up on Yahoo. I finally found a sales site that listed the ingredients (which shouldn't be that hard to find) and it looks like it's just a combination of L-Glutamine and small doses of a couple B Vitamins and a little Vitamin C... hardly worth the $30 price for a 1 month supply. All the companies I'm looking at have Glutamine at under $10 for a 5-6 month supply and the other Vitamins are dirt cheap... heck, you could even buy these ingredients (and more) in 2-3 bottles for less than $5 for a month's supply.

All that being said, B-6 has a little benefit for energy (although B-12 helps more, yet there is none in there) and Glutamine helps for muscle and brain health, but not energy directly. It seems he's marketing this formula to help with energy because it makes the muscles healthier. I would definitely never buy this formula myself and seems a bit iffy at best. Although on the plus side, the nutrients are good and healthy for you, so you'd be fine to take them if you can't return them.
Good luck and I hope I helped!

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