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Fruit Energy Bar

Rosa Said:

A fruit and oatmeal bar contains 143 nutritional Calories. Convert this energy to calories.?

We Answered:

I believe that nutritional calories are Kilo-calories

Melinda Said:

What is your favourite fruit snack or energy bar?

We Answered:

Nutrigrain bar.

Carl Said:

What is your favorite nutritional snack bar or protein/energy/fruit one?

We Answered:

Lara Bars! They're vegan, raw, (just compressed fruit and nuts) they have no preservatives, no sugar, and they don't have that weird medicinal flavor that added protein has. The chocolate coconut and the key lime pie are my favorites.

Tracy Said:

What is in the ingredients of an energy bar that make it different from regular food?

We Answered:

many people don't take the time to go beyound the lables...look in the political section people will vote for someone because they are from a certain party. They will say that person values their family more when the other party values their family but they don't have the same lable so they are said to be terrible people...So while many people are busy wanting to get ahead quickly the power bars sell....I had to stop working & get out of the rat race so I could even know how to really take care of my health. I have bins in my grocery store & many stores don't have I can buy bags of pumkin seeds, sunflower seeds, dried fruits, nuts, and all kinds of things that make healthy snacks. I will chop up an apple & dip it in peanut butter for a snack but people have lost their minds. So you are just wondering why something you are aware of is not paid as much attention to by others.

Dwight Said:

What are good fruits to bake into a homemade "energy" bar or fruit, nut and grain bar? No raisins please.?

We Answered:

Dried cherries

Dried cranberries

Dried blueberries

Dried apricot

Dried fig

Dried dates

Roy Said:

What is the best way to get lots of energy fast?

We Answered:

DRINK SODA and eat a SPOON FULL of instant coffee. That will perk you up ASAP! ?

Kelly Said:

Fruit smoothie or oatmeal before a ride?

We Answered:

Welcome to cycling! It's nice to have you here.

My method is to combine foods. In the morning, about 45 minutes prior to the ride, I usually do a smallish bowl of cereal (I don't like oatmeal but it works well), one sweet sticky fruit (banana, orange, prunes), a serving of yogurt and nuts, and then a glass of chocolate milk. Another very important thing though is to stay hydrated on the ride - I combine a mix of water, a fruit juice (pomegranate or black currant), and freshly brewed green tea (I brew it the night before and then refrigerate it so it is cold). The water will hydrate, the juice will give you sugar and carbs, and the tea will give you caffeine (coffee would probably work too but I like the taste and health effects of tea better), a very nice boost to keep you energetic and alert. Another important thing is food on the ride - No mixing for me here, usually just a Cliff Bar or something similar will do. I eat half the cliff bar a few miles into the ride and then the other half after another few miles. But make sure that while you are riding, to eat and drink before you need it. It takes your body time to process food into energy and if you get bonked before you eat, you'll be sitting by the road for a half hour waiting for your body to catch up - and then your muscles will get cold!

All of the above is for rides of 40+ miles though. A good breakfast and then fluids during the ride should be more than enough for 12-14 miles but you may want to supplement with a cliff bar half way through just to keep you strong and motivated. If you go longer distances sometime, some people advocate carb loading the night before - big bowl of pasta is always good. I sometimes do that and find it works pretty good for me. But some people say it's BS.

My method is to take a gulp or two of my liquid concoction about every 3 miles or so and eat about 1/2 a Cliff bar every 15 miles or so.

I began with 15 mile rides at first and built my way up so keep going. This is probably just me and my body, but I found that I am much more tired at the beginning of the ride - I am panting and sweating at the first 5-10 miles, then I sweat more but am more into my groove at 10-20 miles. At around mile 20-25 I am feeling good and sweat less and am in a strong groove to go longer - it becomes more enjoyeable because I stop panting and start feeling good about riding so far.

Develop your own groove, learn your body and eat and drink before you have to. Good Luck and have fun.

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