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Fish Oil Supplements

Sheila Said:

Can I take fish oil supplements if I am allergic to fish?

We Answered:

I would say you should try COD LIVER oil that is molecularly distilled and see if you have a reaction. If it is fine for you then try

You are right that it is very important since we are not eating wild and grass fed animals that our bodies developed on and need.

Cody Said:

What are the pros and cons of fish oil supplements?

We Answered:

The omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil are known to as a mood stabilizer, and the countries that eat the most fish in their diets also have the lowest rates of depression. Other potential health benefits of fish oil include the following:

Reduced risk of cancer: Research suggests anti-cancer effects of n?3 fatty acids found in fish oil (especially breast, colon and prostate cancer)

Mental health benefits: fatty acids are responsible for the neuronal growth of the frontal cortex of the brain which is known to be responsible for personal behavior. Studies have actually shown that prisoners have lower levels of these fatty acids, and groups with higher levels have a lower rate of crime. Who knew? If you're looking for world peace, start with fish oil!

Cardiovascular benefits: The American Heart Association recommends the consumption of 1g of fish oil daily for patients with coronary heart disease. It should be noted that the highest benefits come from eating fish, not the supplement. However, not everyone has immediate access to a daily supply of tasty, fresh fish, so there's nothing wrong with popping a pill in a pinch.

Several studies have also reported a reduced risk of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease.

When I first started popping fish oil supplements, I thought they actually made me feel better. And interestingly enough, that was well before I had heard anything about the mental health benefits.

The only side effect I've encountered is a decidedly gross one: fish burps. No matter what the label screams at you, ("Fish burp free!"; "No fish burps - ever!"; "You'll never burp again!!!"), you may find yourself with a stinky, fishy surprise creeping up your esophagus. Fish burps are up there with the grossest burps ever (up there with tunafish sandwich and coffee burps, it must be said).

A few words of caution: a recent lawsuit alleges that some fish oil supplements contain excessive levels of PCBs, which are nasty man-made industrial chemicals reported to increase risks of cancer. However, the majority of these products were made from cod liver or shark liver oils. As the liver is the major filtering and detoxifying organ, PCB content is much higher in such products than in the more common fish oil produced from the processing of whole fish. So try to stick with fish oils made from the whole fish, not just the liver.

As much as I gripe, the fish burps are rare and fish oil capsules are no match for steady hands and an overwhelming desire to better myself. If it's any indication, I have a bottle of fish oil supplements sitting in my fridge, and I obediently take them almost every morning. And if they do in fact offer the many substantial health benefits attributed to them, then I think it's worth a few fish burps now and then.

Marlene Said:

Fish oil supplements not beneficial for decreasing chances of heart disease?

We Answered:

Actually, the cardiologist on CNN is wrong. Fish oil supplements do work, I know this to be true because my own cardiologist directed me to the studies that were done to support the use of fish oils.

Jessie Said:

Do fish oil supplements work for adults with ADD?

We Answered:

I think fish oil is certainly worth a try. Make sure you get the mercury free kind, ask your pharmacist to help you find a good one without toxins. Also try a Bcomplex on top of your daily multi-vitamin. B vitamin deficiency had been proven to be related to cognitive function. Good luck to you.
BTW you are an immaculate writer... methodical and articulate. i would have never thought you'd have ADD! ;o)

Florence Said:

How can I make taking Fish Oil Supplements less problematic?

We Answered:

I stopped taking fish oil and take Flax Seed oil for the Omega-3 acids. I love them and no bad taste. Make sure they are high quality, organic cold-press stuff. Check online, but you get many of the same benefits from the flax seed oil that you get from the fish oil.

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