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Darren Said:

What food has good nutrition and food that can be full?

We Answered:

Potato's are super healthy. They have carbs, protein, and a ton of vitamins! Tomato's, squash, and sweet potato also are highly nutritious and yummy! I like meat too though. A nice steak would be great to go with the potato.

Herman Said:

What role does nutrition play in feelings after exercise?

We Answered:

Yes you can get a migraine from over exertion. Migraines can come from cutting something out of your diet. Your migranes could also be coming from not having enough water flowing through your blood. Try drinking more water and see if your migraines go away.

Alberto Said:

What is considered good nutrition for a horse?

We Answered:

The above answer is good, but if you are looking for a more holistic and natural diet, consider this. A normal horse should consume 5% of its bodily weight daily in food, 2% of that should be in hay or pasture. A 1200lb horse should eat 60lbs of feed a day providing he is being exercised, 24-30lbs of that should be hay or pasture. Maintenance diets should make up 3% of the horse's weight and can mainly consist of roughage (hay). Pregnant mares require balanced vitamins and minerals, good hay and grass are a must, sunlight is important too for vitamin D. Many feed stores carry natural supplements for your horses. I recommend feeding flax seed as it is high in vitamins Amino and fatty acids which are very important (buy it whole and grind it fresh every day with a coffee grinder ) it looses potency if purchased ground and they will not digest it if it is whole.

Kay Said:

How does poor nutrition affect a childs ability to learn?

We Answered:

Hello Aleksandr Petrovykh,

The Effects of Poor Nutrition and Health on Learning is a great topic for discussion, here you can find the details in…

Esther Said:


We Answered:

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Freddie Said:

What is the difference between a nutrition and a dietetics degree?

We Answered:

Almost anyone can call themselves a nutritionist and attempt to provide service without formal training, education and licensing. A dietitian, however, has completed several years of advanced college study to obtain at least a Bachelor's degree and Dietetic Internship. This training, along with completion of the registration exam, is required for employment in hospitals and other health care facilities. The career opportunities and salary potential are far greater for Registered Dietitians.
Bottom line, you can become a dietitian with a nutrition degree after you get more education. A degree in nutrition alone won't get you there.

Ashley Said:


We Answered:

Actually, it is largely healthy. But you might want to add whole grains and a small portion of meat (if you're not a vegetarian).

Good luck!

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You wrote the real defination of Nutrition. You also mentioned the foods and Vegitables. Its good for everyone because Nutrition is necessary for everyone. We should use those friuts and Vegitable which have good quantities of Nutrition to fulifll the demand of our body.

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A degree in nutrition alone won't get you there.