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Nutrition And School

Caroline Said:

Is Auburn a good school for majoring in nutrition?

We Answered:

Excellent. Then you go on to do an internship somewhere like Emory in Atlanta. I know a student that did that. You will be fine. I am a school teacher so I hear these things.

Alice Said:

What are some things that can be done to improve nutrition for school aged children?

We Answered:

seriously i think a vegetarian diet is this best

you dont have to do it of course since you will think it is too harsh

but the meat industry has killed more humans than car or natural disasters

meat is associated with so many cancer related illness and so much more

as for protein there are a wide variety of vegetables and some may even have alot of proteins

there are two known plant vegetables that have the same number of proteins as meat

just saying

Priscilla Said:

how do you write a good investigative report on the nutrition of school lunches?

We Answered:

CA does not allow any sodas sold to students until high school....that may have changed recently with Arnold and his health rules. Only healthy things are allowed to be sold, especially in elementary school and middle school. So, why does the school nutrition program get to sell cookies, chips, etc to all students? That also means that all bake sales and such are "illegal" because it is competition with the food program. When is it okay to look the other way because of the need to make money? Could it be because the school lunch program is part of the school, but is not any part of the budget? They have to make their own money?

Why are the rules of where the food is eaten so strict? Because of federal laws which are legislating WHO eats the food....the student eats his/her lunch and it doesn't go home to be shared with siblings or Mom sits and eats it. The federal legislation is pretty strict.

How does your school use US gov. commodities and how do they work in the success of the program....helping the program make money to be sustainable? Cheese, flour....two commodities that are used to make wholesome, nutritious foods that kids will eat, so what are these foods?

Are US labor costs so high that using the centralized kitchen model that produces food each school just pops into a warming oven more cost effective than making that wholesome, nutritious that kids would actually enjoy eating? Soups and "homemade" food was what we grew up with, and for the past few decades we have been feeding them "convenience" foods, purchased frozen and warmed up. The food is sad, and we wonder why kids buy the chips and cookies!

Hope this helps....I have worked in the kitchens and have had kids who would sometimes eat the lunches.... good luck.

Maxine Said:

What is a good nutrition or dietitian school in Vancouver Canada?

We Answered:

I have a friend who took a one-year nutrition program at the Canadian School for Natural Nutrition. She really liked it and after one year is a certified nutritionist. Check out the website at She really liked the school and the course and only had good things to say about it.

Phillip Said:

Is UIC a good school for a nutrition major?

We Answered:

One of the best.

Ernest Said:

How do you start a nutrition committee in your school district?

We Answered:

In the food services dept. there should be a dietitian or other specialist in nutrition to comply with federal and state laws about nutrition. Usually there is an office designated for that person to work out of, who is 'in charge' of the cafeteria workers and what they make.

Jessica Said:

How can I become involved in a career in nutrition without a strong high school education in the sciences?

We Answered:

you can go the holistic route but then you wont be able to work with doctors or in hospitals. or you can upgrade your sciences and then get accepted into the nutrition/dietitian program. ask at your university about changing majors and how you can go about doing it. they'll have all the info you need.

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