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Mushroom Nutrition Facts

Bobbie Said:

FRUITS or VEGGIES................?

We Answered:

All of them. cause each one of them has something your body want and will use to keep it healthy.

Frederick Said:

what should I eat when I go out to dinner tonight?

We Answered:

Good for you!!!

To tell you the truth, I honestly think it would be a good idea to 'treat' yourself and have whatever you'd like! I don't go longer than two weeks of eating healthily without having one 'bad' food every once in a while! The Portabella Muschroom burger would be a fine choice, and I think you can allow yourself some of the fries as well, you deserve it!

If you are wanting to be really strict on your diet, though, I would suggest eating just going with one of those salads or perhaps having a wrap.

This is your call, though. Good luck, and congratulations!

Brandy Said:

What is the nutrition facts for this Tesco Mushroom Stir Fry?

We Answered:

Just times everything by 3.55

So it would have 110 Calories

Marcia Said:

In campbells condensed cream of mushroom soup the nutrition facts state the fat content if...?

We Answered:

The nutrition facts are only for what is in the can, it does not include the addition of milk.

All nutrition facts panels (in the U.S.) are like that, they have to list only what is in the package. They may offer 'as prepared" if it something like a cake mix where standard additions are made, but this has to be in addition to just the mix.

Leslie Said:

What are the nutrition facts for 4 slices of mushroom and black olive pizza from Benito's?

We Answered:

Try I hear you can find nutrition facts for just about any kind of food.

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Mushrooms and other fungi are very valuable for human nutrition.

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Mushroom is very nutricious. Everyone should eat some a week.

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If want complete nutrition than you must take mushroom in the proper diet.

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