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Food And Nutrition

Priscilla Said:

Some good dog food nutrition tips when looking for dog food?

We Answered:

I feed my dogs Natural balance.

You want a food that doesn't have corn, soy (fillers), by-products and a minimal amount of wheat if any (common allergy in dogs). Meat should be the first few ingredients. A lot of dog foods have corn in the first few don't want that.

Some other good brands are Wellness, Canidae, and Innova.

Good luck!

EDIT> I loked up the ingredients of Authority and it looks likes a decent food IMO, but wheat is the second ingredient...make sure your dog isn't allergic to it.

Nathaniel Said:

hey guys, in witch particular site i found the syllabus of food & nutrition of NET exam?

We Answered:

I could not find the information on line./ You can look up keywords by placing them into Google prefixed with the word define.

John Said:

Will my food nutrition change if I heat it or freeze it?

We Answered:

Both heating and freezing will change the nutrient content of a food.
Nutrition is chemistry and both heating and cooling cause chemical change.

What changes, and exactly how much? It all depends on the food. You can compare nutrition facts with this tool:…

For example, here is a comparison of raw spinach vs frozen spinach vs spinach that has been boiled and drained:…

Esther Said:

What food/nutrition should I eat after Heat Exhaustion?

We Answered:

Bananas to replace lost potassium.

Debbie Said:

what should I look for when inspecting food nutrition labels?

We Answered:

I always look for trans-fats, partially hydrogenated oils(make sure there aren't any), sodium, calories and fat grams. Oh yeah and fiber is always a helpful ingredient.

Marion Said:

Do you have to take food and nutrition in high school in order to go into food or nutrition science?

We Answered:

I don't know for sure, but it seems like it would be a good idea to. Even if you're not going to get college credit that might be a good background for you. You should check with the school's you are interested in and see what they say. Usually the only things you have to take in high school to get into college are the required courses for high school graduation, but for all I know this could vary for different majors. So just check and see what different colleges you are interested in say.

Francisco Said:

How long does it take for the body to absorb the food nutrition?

We Answered:

Depends on the type of food

Fats, and protein take the longest => 3-4 hours give or take an hour or two.

Carbohydrates => 2 or so hours (quality carbs)

veggies => 2 or so hours

Fruits => less time

given this, it would be smart to eat fruits, veggies, and carbs before protein and fat as all the other foods would have to wait for the lipids and proteins to digest.

Suppsedly the best time to eat heavy foods (carbs, fats, proteins) are in the morning till about 4pm, then after that all light foods, veggies, fruits, etc.

But I eat everything at all times, especially at night. Although it is said that eating at night is bad because the body is using the time to heal and digestion takes away from it. I figure the Parasympathetic system is in affect making digestion optimal at night.

Ultimately you should try different times and foods to see how you feel because everyone is different.

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