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Dietician And Nutritionist

David Said:

Where do I study to become a dietician or nutritionist in Orange County?

We Answered:

Orange county in New York? Check with the admissions office at Orange County Community College! Here's the link:

I have a friend that's a dietician here in New Mexico and she's also got a nursing degree. By getting her nursing degree, she was qualified for the better (higher paying) dietician/nutritionist jobs.

Wallace Said:

What is a good college to go to to be a dietician/ nutritionist?

We Answered:

i am doing sport nutrition at university - i would recommend liverpool john moores university if you are interested in sport nutrition.

Gary Said:

how do you become a nutritionist or dietician?

We Answered:

That is what I am doing! I first got my BS in Foods and Nutrition. Next I will be starting a dietetic internship where I can become eligible to become a registered dietitian. After that, you pass an exam, and become a registered dietitian! Basically you need a degree in nutrition, then you have to complete a 9 month ADA accredited internship. Go to for the best info! Good luck! Nutrition rocks!

Frank Said:

what are the requirements to be a dietician or nutritionist in NJ?

We Answered:

New Jersey does not have a state licensing board for nutritionists and dietitians. It follows ADA (American Dietitian Assn.) standards.…

This means that you need a degree from a school accredited by the ADA. All such schools are listed at this site:…


Fred Said:

Where can I find a good nutritionist/dietician in Atlanta?

We Answered:

Could try Christie Cady out of Covington, (770) 788-2612; or Judy Ehlers Crim out of Roswell, (770) 650-2667. They are both nutritionists and should be able to help. Good luck and congrats!

Andrew Said:

What is it like to be a dietician/nutritionist?

We Answered:

try this site…

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