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Carrots Nutrition Facts

Gary Said:

Im doing a liver cleanse and would like to know foods that don't contain fat?

We Answered:

This really doesn't make any sense. Almost all foods contain some sort of fat, even if it's minor. Ever wonder where they get vegetable oil from? Crushed vegetables have fat (oil).

I'm not sure about this, but the only vegetable I can think of that might be fat-free is celery? Check out the nutrition facts for celery...

But the other person is right, you can't do that... these "cleansing" things are dumb as hell, they're meant for gullible people. You aren't gullible, come on, smarten up.

Katie Said:

Does anyone know how many calories a white carrot has?

We Answered:

it's probably pretty close to 0, as most crisp vegetables are, so i wouldn't really worry about it unless you are going to eat dozens of them per sitting.

Irene Said:

Restarting my metabolism?

We Answered:

The amount of calories you need each day to maintain a specific weight are based on your age, your current weight, and the amount daily activity you engage in.

The smaller you are the fewer calories you need. Myself, I am 5'4". If I weighed 120 lbs and not very active, i would need about 1800 calories a day to maintain weight. But at 200 lbs and not very active, I would need about 2100 calories a day to maintain weight.

Please stick to the diet your nutritionist has set up for you. And if you haven't already sought help, please do so. There are so many help problems that can occur if you do not treat your body right by eating the food it needs.

Derek Said:

I need help with nutrition 'stuff' (I'm lost.. hehe)?

We Answered:


Pizza Dough -- Carbohydrate -- ENERGY
Cheese -- Calcium -- bones
Meatballs (Pork and beef) -- Protein -- for muscles
Celery -- Fiber -- digestion
Lettuce -- Ffiber -- digestion
Carrot -- Carotene -- eggs

Jason Said:

what are nutrition facts about grapes and carrots?

We Answered:

well i dont know anything about the nutrition part but ican tell you that grapes if you eat to much that your throat will start to hurt a bit and if you eat a lot then your body develops some kind of heat poison that you need to treat by eating something that has cold poison to treat it. carrots are good for your eyes i dont know anything else

Marian Said:

what do all the vitamins do?

We Answered:

lol no matter how much carrots u eat ur skin wont turn orange

Tanya Said:

How many calories did I consume?

We Answered:

um i don't know bout vinaigrette, but i know mayo-which has 220 for 2 table spoons

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I agree with you, carrots are good for our eyes since they possess Vitamin A.

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