Irradiating Food

Charles Said:

THIS IS A QUESTION TO YOU WHO IS READING THIS: would you ever eat irradiated food? Why or why not?

We Answered:

I am sure most people have eaten food that has been irradiated and not known about it.

Stacey Said:

What does the Australian 'irradiated food' label look like?

We Answered:

I believe it is the International symbol pictured here.…

Carlos Said:

All of the following are correct about food irradiation except?

We Answered:

The answer appears to be B.
You may enjoy this link that discusses this subject.…

Velma Said:

Why does Australia insist on irradiating pet food? Have they stopped yet?

We Answered:

Food is irradiated to destroy micro-organisms that cause food decomposition and food poisoning. Those micro-organisms may include moulds and yeasts that spoil food, and those that cause illness (e.g. Salmonella). Irradiation can also be used to destroy the unwanted pests that can accompany food when it is traded regionally or imported from other countries - From

Salvador Said:

How would I know if my grocery store sells irradiated food?

We Answered:

Most countries have legislation that requires irradiated food to be labelled appropriately. Check labels or in the absence thereof ask the manager of the store rather than an employee.

Some good links……

Jerry Said:

Why are American's slowly destroying natural food by irradiated methods?

We Answered:

Ok.. let's look at say.. fridges & freezers.. They stop/slow down the natural process of decomposition of food/drink products by bacteria, but do they harm you?

Irradiation just kills every single living organism within the food (bacteria), without changing the composition of it, and the potency & type of the radiation means that when you eat it there will be no radioactive matter ingested (other than Carbon from the foodstuff, believe it or not that's radioactive).

Get over your fear of modern technology, I'd be more concerned about the sweetener aspartame in your food/drinks.

Also be afraid of having a fluoridated water supplies. It's illegal in most of Europe, but not in the US or UK.…

EDIT: As for having bacteria in your diet, try gulping sometime, every time you swallow some saliva and take a bite to eat you ingest thousands anyway (unless you eat in an aseptic environment). They provide NO essential nutrients wheras vitamins (even from GM foods) help keep you strong and healthy.

You don't know what you are talking about as this type of irradiation doesn't change the molecular structure of the food, and it most certainly doesn't change the molecular structure of anybody who consumes the product.

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