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Food Safety And Preparation

Oscar Said:

Kitchen Assistant?

We Answered:

Since this is your First Job You are getting so. Once you are experienced the the scene will be different

All the Best


Ramon Said:

Do they really put human blood in Wallmart weiners?

We Answered:

I would be inclined to check my sources on a story like that, and see if it were corroborated by other sources. It sounds to me like the stuff of urban myth.

A quick search of my own revealed nothing about your story.

Sonia Said:


We Answered:

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Tim Said:

Do anyone have any Safety tips we can use for Holidays, Shopping, Lights,Trees, Driving,Food preparation etc.?

We Answered:

keep pepper spray in hand when walking to and from your car. If approached in an uncomfortable way in a parking lot press the alarm on your key ring if you have that kind. Don't go out alone.

Heidi Said:

What do you think the most important thing is about kitchen safety with regard to children?

We Answered:

Children should never be unattended in the kitchen

Andre Said:

hurricane preparation what do you put in your safety kits?

We Answered:

Well first off, make sure your hurricane kit is hurricane proof! Maybe a big plastic bin. Also, you should get together important documents like your birth certificate, social security card, home owners insurance, flood and wind and hail insurance and put them all in a plastic container to put into your plastic bin. You should keep these documents in the bin through out hurricane season, then when hurricane season is over, you can put them back where they belong. Its good to do this, because sometimes, a storm can develope so quickly, you wont have time or remember to do all these things. Its also good to keep some cash in there with you, along with the other basic items, food, water, batteries, flaslights, candles etc. Another good thing to do, that doesnt deal with your hurricane kit, is to fill your bath tub with water (for the toliets, and just to have fresh water, not drinking water) and also wash all your clothes and towels before any kind of big storm hits. Also make sure everything outside is picked up, so you wont have to worry about your patio furniture flying all over the place and damaging your property and your neighbors property. Hope that was a help!

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Very few people are aware of the right precautions that have to be taken before a hurricane. The concerned authorities should conduct awareness programs to secure the safety of the people. Disaster management programs like these would help the citizens to get a better idea about the condition.

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While preparing food every one should take care about food storing. We have to some guidelines in preparing food. And we have follow some guidelines for preparing and storing of food.

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The most important safety advice is to keep away your children from kitchen. You never know about what they eat or what they touch. For the perfect safety, make your child busy in any activity before coming to kitchen.

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