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Useful Information On Obesity

Roland Said:

Are the Chinese heading to over take the USA in the unhealthy stakes?

We Answered:

Obesity among children is certainly is a big problem, but the Chinese propaganda ploy of blaming it on U.S. fast food franchises is ignoring the root causes. If you want anecdotal information, I live in a city that has few McDonald's and yet there are many overweight children especially boys. My best guess is that it is a combination of parental overindulgence and unhealthy cooking methods. Way too much Chinese food is cooked in buckets of oil and deep fried with copious amounts of salt. Sweet and sour pork (gulao rou) is a caloric and fat-laden gastric nightmare, as are most duck dishes.

Try to buy non-fat milk in any supermarket and you wil not find it. Diet food is readily available in western countries but hard to find in most local Chinese stores.

Armando Said:

Obesity in Germany?

We Answered:…

Holly Said:

Why is food the leading cause for obesity in America?

We Answered:

I don't know if it would be a good argument, but food has never been the only cause of obesity or overeating. Normally it's a combination of factors such as emotional (eating as a way to cope with a negative situation), physical (genetics, hormonal imbalances), and psychological (mental conditions such as Prader-Willie syndrome). I think you should change the topic of your paper to "What are the leading causes of obesity", since then you can list and explain all the different reasons people become obese. Talk to your teacher or instructor about your topic and see what he or she thinks.

Lucy Said:

Nutrition changes since 1900... ?

We Answered:

I've used google search using the phrase "Popular diets in the 1900s" and "America's popular diet in the 1900s" and came up with these:………………

I hope you may find something useful from these.

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