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Skin Diseases Treatment

Glenn Said:

Is there any treatment for the skin disease Pemphigus Vulgaris? How can pain from the blisters be mitigated?

We Answered:

I'm sorry to hear that you are suffering. Since Pemphigus is an autoimmune disease, any treatment that supresses the over response of your immune system will improve your symptoms. Following a macrobiotic diet will signifigantly improve your immune function and it's simple to try. I've suffered for years myself with autoimmune issues untill i started following this diet and I am healthier than i ever have been. Conventional medicine is often nothing but a mask for symptoms, but lifestyle change gets at the cause of the problem. Good luck

Willard Said:

Can anybody help me about the best treatment/remedy for my dog's skin disease?

We Answered:

They look like hot spots. You should take her to the vet, as they generally need antibiotics to clear them up. Depending on how irritated she is, she may also need a shot of cortisone to damp things down a bit.

Bathing her twice a week may actually be contributing to her skin problems. You really shouldn't be bathing her more than about once every two weeks. Over-frequent bathing disrupts the normal protective barrier of the skin, making the dog more prone to skin infections.

Why does she take vitamins? If you have her on a half-decent dog food, there's no need for extra supplementation.

Judy Said:

Treatment of these diseases(nigerian plants only) 1. FIBROID 2.CANCER 3.MALARIA 4.SKIN DISEASES 5.DIAHORREA?

We Answered:

Take Multi-Vitamins

Dustin Said:

I am suffering from Luko derma or white skin disease.Is there any treatment available ?

We Answered:

tab. MELANOCYL one daily for 3 to 12 months

use MELANOCYL CREAM on white spots , if blisters and itching occurs after it . stop cream for few days and take tab. CETIRIZINE..... TWICE A relieve itch.

white spots will start diminishing in one month

Miriam Said:

homeopathy, do they have treatment for skin diseases?

We Answered:

Definetely, Homoeopathy can cure any type of skin disease especially Leucoderma, Vitiligo, Albinism etc.

U can consult ur homeopathic physician........

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