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Kidney Disease Cure

Corey Said:

Does homeopathy cure kidney disease?

We Answered:

Just as there are laws in the physical, (the world we see), that say a one hundred thousand ton aircraft carrier can float or a one hundred ton jet can fly, but only with the proper knowledge, there are also laws in the spiritual, (the world we don't see), that a person can use to eliminate Aids, MS, malaria, heart disease, cancer, blindness...etc. from their body. will help you obtain the knowledge about those laws and more.

Ben Said:

does anyone know a natural cure for someone with kidney disease on dialysis?

We Answered:

Kidney healing?

A woman had herbicides poisoning, which makes the body acid. Nobody knew what to do, Poison Control said herbicides are not toxic, the physician had no answer, the physician-shaman not, the acupuncturist not etc. She was finally dying of herbicide poisoning. Her mind fluctuated and she felt barely alive. She was out of breath just be lifting her arm.

Finally, she found out that she was too acid, which can destroy the kidneys. She went on an alkaline diet, mainly salads, for months, used Tissue Salts and Dinshah Color MedicineTM. Five months later, she traveled and held many seminars.

A friend of hers had the same. She got dialysis, which helped at the moment. Later, she was so weak that she could not take care of herself. Yet, she did not want to try an alkaline-forming diet, using Tissue Salts and Dinshah Color MedicineTM along with it.

The body can heal itself, I believe, if given the correct ingredients needed. If one is acid and stays acid, nothing can really heal.

In my view and experience, the pH should be around 7.5. The pH is the measure of acidity or alkalinity. One can get a roll of pH paper from a health food store (around $12, less on the Internet), and measure urine and saliva, several times a day. The result should always be 7.5, no matter what one does or eats.

Dialysis may deplete the body of minerals etc. It may be best to see an experienced naturopathic physician and get some guidance on how to heal the kidneys!

Modern people often cannot but think of the body like of their cars: going to the repair shop, forgetting that the body is a living being, which can heal itself, if given the right means.

Here are some alkaline-forming foods
In general mainly vegetables and fruit. Fruit may cleanse too fast and thus may cause an acid reaction from toxins stirred up too quickly from the tissues and bones.

Alkaline-forming examples (organic, fresh, not frozen)
Yams, wild rice, blueberries, spelt flour (pancakes, noodles), green or white tea, apricots (at first in small amounts), carrot-beet juice etc. Frozen and processed food burdens the kidneys since the enzymes in frozen food are mainly dead.

pH list
A pH list is helpful to find out what makes one alkaline and what makes one acid. The table contain a column for each: the date, time, pH saliva and pH urine, plus remarks of what one had consumed, the emotional experience, the environment one had been in - all before the measurement. After some days one can see what makes one more acid or more alkaline and adjust, until finally, one can stay at 7.5 with both saliva and urine.

The body can heal itself, no matter what. Even energy can be used for healing, like the Philippines healer do, who are famous for their healing powers.

One can also work on one's own energy for healing; a method is described in Raymon Grace's book, The Future is Yours, Do Something about It!

The body has ancient, genetic healing memory and has healed itself for millennia when given the right means. The body can heal. That's what I have experienced.

Cordially, India.Magica

Frank Said:

Can enzyme therapy cure chronic kidney disease undergoing dialysis?

We Answered:

Wouldn't count on it. I think the only cure would be kidney transplant.

Claire Said:

Is there a natural cure for kidney cysts?

We Answered:

see a herbalist and take olive leaf extract

there r good kidney foods / herbs such as
cranberry / juice
ginger & walnuts
celery n juniper

try to avoid chemical shampoos, detergents, cleaners, paints etc
animals and parasites

Tyler Said:

how does a dog get kidney disease and is there a cure?

We Answered:

Too many ways to name...usually, when the kidney goes in a dog, that's about it I'm afraid. I think that most dogs would inevitably get it if they live long enough.
I've had quite a few animals go through our family over the years...kidney failure usually just comes with old age.

Hugh Said:

im trying to find the cure to kidney disease?

We Answered:

There is no cure for kidney disease.... Theres only ways too control it, either through diet, or extreme cases, dialysis.. Most times they put you on a Low sodium diet. Once you hit the dialysis stage though, you are on a low Fluid, sodium, and potassium diet... meaning you cut out foods with high amounts of those Things in them. The low fluid is attributed to the fact that most dialysis patients eventually stop urinating, at which point any fluid in the body builds up and will collect around your heart enlarging it and eventually damaging it.. It will also collect in your lungs making it hard to breath. The only way to stop dialysis at that point is a Transplant. Its not the end of the world, will just change your routine a bit. If he smokes, (cigarettes or marijuana) he should stop, Smoking can damage kidneys as well, not helping his Kidney disease. Also, if he hasnt been told already, start a low sodium diet, that may help a bit, Specially if he is still going through puberty, Puberty is very hard on the body and the kidneys, in many cases speeding up the failure rate of the kidneys. I hope this has been helpful... Good luck to you brother!

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leira andrea said:

what are the fruits that can cure kidneys? (i need it for my project!)

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Ungagged said:

does anyone know a natural cure for someone with kidney disease on dialysis?

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Most of the kidney failures are happening due to the insufficient intake of water. There are several treatments available in the medical genre for treating the kidney disorders. If kidney fails to function in the usual manner, everything will be in trouble.

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Finally, she found out that she was too acid, which can destroy the kidneys.

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youtube link said:

Modern people often cannot but think of the body like of their cars: going to the repair shop, forgetting that the body is a living being, which can heal itself, if given the right means.