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Best Healthy Diet

Carla Said:

What is the best healthy diet program and sport for fitness ?

We Answered:

The best advice I can give is not to eat any convenience food. If you can't prepare it into something proper then it's probably not good for you. (except for obvious things like vegetables)

For exercise, cycle everywhere

Claire Said:

What are the best healthy diet pills ?

We Answered:

Your quest to lose some weight if you are interested, will not see the light until you identify why you are fat in the first instance and then work to avoid all the identified reasons.

The number of supplements available to help you lose weight is virtually endless. From fat binders, to fat blockers, appetite suppressants to colon cleansers just which one will help you lose weight and feel confident again?
Have some information here.
Good luck

June Said:

What is the best (healthy) diet (based on loosing weight) but when your prone to constipation!..?

We Answered:

Weight Watchers.
I have a friend who's doing it. It's big on fiber. Even if you don't want to go all the way, they have their own brand of foods that you can buy in grocery stores and I think they pack in more fiber than other brands. They have bagels and yogurt and other stuff.
Also, Kashi Go Lean cereal has lots of fiber and protein.
Also, if you haven't tried it....this isn't a diet plan, but...there is a tea called Smooth Move. Drink it before bedtime and you're likely to poop in the morning.

Alfred Said:

What's the absolute best possible diet for detoxing, getting ripped fast, and getting healthy?

We Answered:

Well I've been in the same situation many times. To lose the beer gut.. you must do cardio. If you burn more calories than you eat you are guaranteed to lose weight. As far as detoxing goes.. that will limit your diet a lot. Go to a whole foods store to buy as many organic fruits and vegetables as possible. Also organic meat is a necessity and it's more lean. Be care though organic meat is expensive and will go bad very fast if it's not frozen. There are many kinds of detox diets..look them up online. And I recommend Jillian Michaels detox pills that you take for 14 days, they will really make you feel better!

Jeanette Said:

Best healthy diet for a 15 year old?

We Answered:

You seem to already know the answer to this. Lots of fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meat and fish and lots of water. You're young enough that the occasional indulgence of sweets won't do you any harm at all.

Don't overthink it - balance is key.

Nicole Said:

What is the best diet/ healthy food book?

We Answered:

You cannot lose weight using Low Fat Diets. Low fat foods have been popular for more than 15 years, but yet our society is getting more overweight as each year passes. This fact alone should tell you that eating a purely low fat menu is not the answer to losing weight.

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The best advice I can give is not to eat any convenience food

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