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3 Day Diet Fruit

Virgil Said:

Has anyone ever tried the 3 day fruit diet?

We Answered:

The 3-day fruit diet is another one of those fad diets. It may work but once you stop you'll gain the weight back. Its better if you just eat a well balanced diet and leave out a lot of processed foods. Eat a lot of veggies, fruits, white meats, wheat bread not white, skim milk, and yoplait light yogurt is great too. Just stay away frim candys and chips. Drink water or calorie-free tea. Drink a glass of orange juice for breakfast. Take one childrens chewable vitamin daily. And with all that, just an hour or so of exercise daily, will do the trick. Remember to include cardio work-outs and muscle toning workouts for your best results. GOOD LUCK!

Clinton Said:

On the 3 Day Fruit Flush diet can you substitute the protein powder for just plain old water? (PLZ READ)?

We Answered:

You can go to walmart and get two pounds for twelve dollars...

If you don't care bout your health, why are you doing a flush anyway?

Dennis Said:


We Answered:

The only answer I have is the ones you can afford. The cost of fruit is out of sight. Good luck.

Lillian Said:

You guys I am on the 3 day fruit diet. it saids to use protein powder but i've been using something different?

We Answered:

I would ditch the Kelloggs and pick up some Six Star Whey at WalMarts for about $18. It's super high in protein, which your body needs when dieting, very low in fat (about1.5 grams) and low in carbs (about 4-5 grams). Plus, it has added vitamins and BCAA that the body uses when using bodyfat as an energy source. The kelloggs is loaded with carbs and calories that you don't want or need right now.
Wouldn't hurt to add in 1/2 hour of cardio (walking, shadow boxing, bike riding, anything to increase your pulse rate) evry day either.

Donald Said:

Does a 3 day fruit detox diet really help you loose weight?

We Answered:

It is a scam. You may lose water weight, but it will not be fat weight. The concept of detoxing is flawed, too. That is what our livers and kidneys are for. If you want to detox, then stop eating nasty foods. If you insist on doing a cleansing or detox, then drink lots of water and take a lot of fiber.

Carrie Said:

Does the 3 day fruit flush diet by jay robb slow down your metabolism???

We Answered:

It shouldn't slow down your metabolism. However, as trendy diet fads go, it will not help you lose real weight. These rapid weight loss diets make you lose water weight, which you will regain shortly.

However, fruits and veggies are always better than processed sugar snack foods. This stuff actually slows your metabolism as it is higher in fats and processed sugars, which your body doesn't always get around to breaking down.

A proper diet will do much better for stabilizing and improving your metabolism.

Margaret Said:

has anyone tried the 3 day fruit flush diet by jay robb?

We Answered:

I need 2 points!

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