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3 Day Chemical Diet

Marcus Said:

Diet Question-Tell me what you think about this diet?

We Answered:

i dunno, dont go on diets-excersize is the best diet. 10 pounds is what i lost in 3 days from exersizing !

Harry Said:

The University of Alabama 3 Day diet?

We Answered:

I am sorry Maam but 3 days of starvation will never fix years of bad habits. Using the source of the problem as the solution will only lead to a bigger problem. You are much better off dispensing with the "quick fixes" and starting to make some real lifestyle changes instead.

Here is some information about fat loss:…

Jeanne Said:

Has anyone had "sucess" on the Birmingham 3 day diet?

We Answered:

I have never heard of it. I do Atkins and it really works.

Francis Said:

Do you have to eat EVERYTHING listed on the 3 Day Diet?

We Answered:

Sorry to say there is no such thing as a miracle diet. A sensible diet YES!

Joann Said:

3 day Cardiac diet- birmingham, AL hospital?

We Answered:

This diet has been making the rounds since the 1980s or before. I know because the first time I tried it I was in high school. Will you lose weight.. yes probably. But it isn't because of some acid alkaline thing, it is because of calorie restriction. It is just a wee bit over 1000 calories a day. If you were to eat 1000 calories of low carb veggies and lean meat, you would lose even more weight. The Birmingham hospital does not endorse this diet: contrary to popular belief, this diet is not associated with UAB Health System (Heart of Health Care, Birmingham, Alabama). You can read more from the following link: In short, here are few key points they stressed:
* The diet is not scientifically proven. At such, the long term safety and effectiveness of this diet is not known.
* If you lose weight, you can be rest assured you are losing muscle tissue and water instead of fat.
* The diet is high in fat, saturated fat, and cholesterol - the main dietary culprits related to heart disease. It also is high in sodium and low in whole grains.

Real cardiac units, if they need to put someone on a super fast lose dramatic weight diet always use medical liquid diets.. Most of the teaching hospitals have their own formula, but some use products such as Optifast.

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cherri said:

do i have to eat everything on the diet ? What if i leave something out ex; Tuna . will i still lose the weight ?

for more information said:

Thanks for introducing this health diet. From the discussions going on here, I see that many have given positive opinions regarding it. Therefore, I think it has some benefits and it is worth for a purchase then. What is the price?

white rock bc real estate said:

If we set a 3 days challenge to get what we want like to be fit we need to strive hard in order to make it. Proper diet, exercise, and of course with enough hours of sleep. Take a deep breath for this challenge. said:

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