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  • Lyme Disease Children


    Sharon Said:Does Lyme disease affect all people equally?We Answered:Good sources of info about Lyme disease: http://www.lymetimes.orgShannon Said:can lyme disease be passed from mother to child?We Answered:Your Answer: Sadly, yes. It took many years for our family to figure out that my grandson was born with it and my daughter( his Mom) had...

  • Kidney Disease Treatment


    Jennie Said:What is the best dog food for a dog with kidney disease?We Answered:The veterinarian I work for always recommends Hill's K/D for kidney problems. Don't get it confused with C/D. It helps bladder problems. Oh, and don't feed her table scraps. Human food can damage the kidneys and liver.Alex...

  • Healthy Weight Week


    Kent Said:Tips and advice for my healthy weight loss week....?We Answered:I always find when i have time away from work i can workout out more. I would leave my diet alone because you are already losing weight with the diet you have, but i would spend the extra time focusing...

  • Antioxidant Dietary Supplement


    Frank Said:Are there differences in dietary antioxidants vs. antioxidants found in dietary supplements?We Answered:whenever possible, your body finds it easier to recognize nutrients like antioxidants and others when they are in food. the idea of a supplement is for someone who's need for nurtient-x exceeds his ability to safely or consistently...

  • Understanding Ulcerative Colitis


    Jesse Said:Do you have ulcerative colitis - I need some advice, is this this a constant condition or can it come and go?We Answered:Good it must be an aromatic hell! If you dump her at least you won't have skid marks on your sheets anymore.Tonya Said:my ulcerative colitis weight?We Answered:Silly...

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