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  • Kidney Disease Cure


    Corey Said:Does homeopathy cure kidney disease?We Answered:Just as there are laws in the physical, (the world we see), that say a one hundred thousand ton aircraft carrier can float or a one hundred ton jet can fly, but only with the proper knowledge, there are also laws in the spiritual,...

  • Carrots Nutrition Facts


    Gary Said:Im doing a liver cleanse and would like to know foods that don't contain fat?We Answered:This really doesn't make any sense. Almost all foods contain some sort of fat, even if it's minor. Ever wonder where they get vegetable oil from? Crushed vegetables have fat (oil). I'm...

  • Antioxidant Dietary Supplement


    Frank Said:Are there differences in dietary antioxidants vs. antioxidants found in dietary supplements?We Answered:whenever possible, your body finds it easier to recognize nutrients like antioxidants and others when they are in food. the idea of a supplement is for someone who's need for nurtient-x exceeds his ability to safely or consistently...

  • Kids Healthy Weight


    Minnie Said:What is a normal healthy weight for a kid?We Answered:the healthy weight for your height and age is from 100 pounds to 130 pounds but to be slim is from 100 pounds to 110 pounds. it's true that when you're exercising you gain some muscles so you gain and pounds.but...

  • Alzheimer's Disease Cure


    Javier Said:How is everyone voting for Embryonic Stem Cell Research?We Answered:As a person that has had Multiple Sclerosis for the past 13 years, I am definitely voting for Obama. Why? Because the last administration said they were for stem cells, but they were very deceptive and it has caused all...

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