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  • Metric Weight Chart


    Johnnie Said:For your General Biology class, did your professor make you remember the conversion charts for a quiz?We Answered:Yes. Do you want to become a scientist? If you do, you'll have to commit this to memory...well, after a while and after doing a bunch of problems, it will become second...

  • Body Fat Weight


    Stella Said:How to lose body fat by weight training?We Answered:try the Lil Jack workout its pretty easy…Allison Said:If your body fat is 32%, how much weight would you have to loose to get down to 22%?We Answered:Assuming you have some way of measuring body fat in the first place...

  • Health Nutrition Diet


    Billy Said:i am interested in health ,diet and nutrition of man can u plz let me know respective colleges in pune ?We Answered:huh?Claire Said:Im starting a health/nutrition/exercise/weightloss website. What would you want to see on a site like this?We Answered:Free diet profile.Calorie listings. Being able to track your weight loss...

  • Chronic Childhood Diseases


    Johnnie Said:Why do we endure all the suffering and chronic pain of life?(only intelligent answers please) ?We Answered:All we can do is play the cards dealt us.Oscar Said:What is the most prevalent childhood disease?We Answered:I would say Childhood Leukemia.Joe Said:Would you support a federal health care plan that covered chronic...

  • Nutritionist Job Description


    Troy Said:could u help me with my science career project?We Answered:Here are a few sites to help you answer these questions:…………Paula Said:I use level 2 defense can I change that?We Answered:the short answer is suck it up and do what you want, you won't starve and you can shop...

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