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  • Lose Weight Week


    Walter Said:How many calories should I lose a week in order to lose weight?We Answered:Yup, I've read 3500 calories per pound is right. I don't think doing twice as much exercise is the only or best answer though. Your body and metabolism have probably adjusted to your exercise level. But...

  • Renal Kidney Disease.


    Ross Said:Kidney disease renal failure symptoms question!?We Answered:Some other syptoms include swelling of ankles (edema) and fatigue. But, the best indicator is through blood tests and uring analysis. Your doctor can check for protein (albumin) in the urine, and can test for creatininne levels in the blood. ...

  • Zinc Vitamin Supplement


    Billie Said:Is it safe to take cold FX, a zinc supplement, and a vitamin c supplement all at the same timeÉ?We Answered:Hi there,,,,,,You can take supplements. cold FX It's OK. Taking minerals and vitamins will be ok. As a matter of fact most supplements in the market combine vitamins and...

  • Alzheimer `s Disease Diagnosis


    Joann Said:Q's for any 1 got a good information about familial Alzheimer's disease?We Answered:I am very interested in Alzheimer's and at 66 I could worry myself silly if I allowed it. My great grandfather, my grandfather, and my daddy all had Alzheimer's. There is a hereditary link to...

  • Irradiating Food


    Charles Said:THIS IS A QUESTION TO YOU WHO IS READING THIS: would you ever eat irradiated food? Why or why not?We Answered:I am sure most people have eaten food that has been irradiated and not known about it.Stacey Said:What does the Australian 'irradiated food' label look like?We Answered:I believe it...

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