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  • Holistic Nutrition Masters


    Lloyd Said:What's a holistic medicine career that doesn't require expensive education?We Answered:It's important to have a good resume, it is worth taking the time to create something that looks superb and does the job well. The resource in the box below has plenty of data on resumes and help...

  • Vitamin Food Supplement


    Darren Said:What vitamin/mineral food supplement would you not be without?We Answered:It would either be New Chapter EveryWoman Multi or an organic superfood formula like Pure Synergy by Naturally Nova Scotia.Wilma Said:Is there any food or vitamin supplement I can take to increase the volume of my ejaculate?We Answered:For me I...

  • What To Do If Your Child Has Colic


    Bobbie Said:What are the chances of having another baby with colic?We Answered:i hope not!! my son (one and only) had it BAD, and i am so nervous to ever have another because it was very hard on me. but i always think if you have a fussy one first that...

  • Irradiating Food


    Charles Said:THIS IS A QUESTION TO YOU WHO IS READING THIS: would you ever eat irradiated food? Why or why not?We Answered:I am sure most people have eaten food that has been irradiated and not known about it.Stacey Said:What does the Australian 'irradiated food' label look like?We Answered:I believe it...

  • Nutrition And School


    Caroline Said:Is Auburn a good school for majoring in nutrition?We Answered:Excellent. Then you go on to do an internship somewhere like Emory in Atlanta. I know a student that did that. You will be fine. I am a school teacher so I hear these things.Alice Said:What are some things that...

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