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  • Best Diet Supplement


    Clara Said:What would be the best diet supplement to use?We Answered:These products are a waste of money and don't work, and some have nasty side effects. No pill, potion, patch or supplement will help. Please don't fall for all the spam adverts you see. All you need to lose weight is a...

  • Lyme Disease Specialists


    Clara Said:I need a good lyme disease specialist in Calgary. Please help, anyone :(?We Answered:Contact the Canadian Lyme Disease Association at Other good sources of info about Lyme disease: http://www.lymedoctor.comTimothy Said:I still don't have an answer on where can I find a Lyme disease specialist in Minnesota or South Dakota?We Answered:The...

  • Natural Calcium Supplement


    Amanda Said:Which do you think is a better supplement for calcium/magnesium supplementation?We Answered:Personally, I think Coral Calcium for the Calcium aspect because it has the 1:2 ratio of Magnesium to Calcium that is most ideal for the absorption of Calcium into the bones, plus it has Vitamin D and other...

  • Antioxidant Dietary Supplement


    Frank Said:Are there differences in dietary antioxidants vs. antioxidants found in dietary supplements?We Answered:whenever possible, your body finds it easier to recognize nutrients like antioxidants and others when they are in food. the idea of a supplement is for someone who's need for nurtient-x exceeds his ability to safely or consistently...

  • Lose Weight Naturally


    Anita Said:how to lose weight in the easiest and fastest way naturally?We Answered:Consider the source. I’m going to make a gross generalization here, but… why would I trust an overweight doctor or nutritionist to give me proper advice on weight loss? “Do as I say and not as I do”...

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