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  • Chronic Childhood Diseases


    Johnnie Said:Why do we endure all the suffering and chronic pain of life?(only intelligent answers please) ?We Answered:All we can do is play the cards dealt us.Oscar Said:What is the most prevalent childhood disease?We Answered:I would say Childhood Leukemia.Joe Said:Would you support a federal health care plan that covered chronic...

  • Tasty Ways To Cook Vegetables


    Lillie Said:who knows a recipe that is vegetarian but tasty?We Answered:Check out the 5 star recipes.…… Looked for recipes that two boys would not balk at. A lot of these recipes can probably be made on a camping trip.Lucy Said:I hate vegetables. How can I get more veggies...

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  • Cdc Lyme Disease


    June Said:A little help? About bacteria reproduction cycles and antibiotics?We Answered:I don't have an answer for you but just wanted to applaud you for helping her out. I knew via her facebook status what was going on but wasn't aware of how serious it is (nor about the possible...

  • History And Uses For Asian Ginseng


    Rachel Said:how man can improve their sex life?We Answered:FYI, How to Improve Your Sex Life >< If your sex life is not working the way you want it to, don't feel embarrassed or hopeless. There is plenty you could do to improve your love life and thus your relationship. Steps Talk about...

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