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  • Mushroom Nutrition Facts


    Bobbie Said:FRUITS or VEGGIES................?We Answered:All of them. cause each one of them has something your body want and will use to keep it healthy.Frederick Said:what should I eat when I go out to dinner tonight?We Answered:Good for you!!! To tell you the truth, I honestly think it would be a good...

  • Tasty Ways To Cook Vegetables


    Lillie Said:who knows a recipe that is vegetarian but tasty?We Answered:Check out the 5 star recipes.…… Looked for recipes that two boys would not balk at. A lot of these recipes can probably be made on a camping trip.Lucy Said:I hate vegetables. How can I get more veggies...

  • Trouble Losing Weight


    Jeanette Said:im having trouble losing weight im 23yrs old and have had two kids and im having trouble getting the weight of?We Answered:look at the calories on everything you eat and think what that will leave for the rest of the day. For me the easiest was cutting fast food...

  • 3 Day Diet Fruit


    Virgil Said:Has anyone ever tried the 3 day fruit diet?We Answered:The 3-day fruit diet is another one of those fad diets. It may work but once you stop you'll gain the weight back. Its better if you just eat a well balanced diet and leave out a lot of processed...

  • Weight Loss Tips For Teens


    Willie Said:What are good weight loss tips for teens?We Answered:ask a magician to saw you in half - you'll lose half your wieght then!Leah Said:Any easy weight loss tips for Teens?We Answered:If u want to lose ur wait for the first u need to do a lot of exercises. Then...

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