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  • Information On Proline


    Morris Said:science 30 maintaining health multiple choice questions. help plz!?We Answered:1. can’t tell, need the picture, look for chromsomes that match exactly. 2. b 3. c 4.b 5. t, f, t, f 6. d 7. c, 3 8. need picture, punnett square should be a 50:50 ratio 9. c 10. d 11. d 12.d 13. need the diagram 14. use the codon chart...

  • Weight Loss Tips For Teens


    Willie Said:What are good weight loss tips for teens?We Answered:ask a magician to saw you in half - you'll lose half your wieght then!Leah Said:Any easy weight loss tips for Teens?We Answered:If u want to lose ur wait for the first u need to do a lot of exercises. Then...

  • Rare Genetic Diseases


    Courtney Said:What are some rare genetic and fatal diseases that skip generations?We Answered:Fatal familial insomnia. Very scary disease:…Jenny Said:does anyone know of a rare genetic disease?We Answered:Mitochondrial myopathy....a lot of doctors didn't even know of this disease when I had a muscle biopsy done about 15 years ago to test for...

  • Free Health Food


    Eddie Said:Why is there so much attention given to Gluten-free foods in health-food stores & restaurants?We Answered:Due to the rising incidence of coeliacs disease it is essential that stores stock gluten free foods for sufferers.Gluten is a substance found in Wheat & some other grains(see link)Coeliacs disease is an intolerance...

  • 1z0-851 - testking 1z0-851 practice exam, testking 1z0-851 exam


    I learnt the basics The biggest problem with me is that I can never understanding anything on my own unless I haven't studied the basics. The same happened with my 1z0-851 course. I dint know the most basic things and hence I wasn't able to study anything further. Then pass4sure was...

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