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  • Nutritionist Job Description


    Troy Said:could u help me with my science career project?We Answered:Here are a few sites to help you answer these questions:…………Paula Said:I use level 2 defense can I change that?We Answered:the short answer is suck it up and do what you want, you won't starve and you can shop...

  • Safe Diet Pills


    Shirley Said:Are there ANY safe diet pills or herbal substitutes that are safe to use in pregnancy?We Answered:No unfortunately! You could try 'slimming world'..It's safe to do while your pregnant, you can eat loads(non stop all day if you want) and it's really easy 2 follow. Taken from slimming world...

  • Health Nutrition Diet


    Billy Said:i am interested in health ,diet and nutrition of man can u plz let me know respective colleges in pune ?We Answered:huh?Claire Said:Im starting a health/nutrition/exercise/weightloss website. What would you want to see on a site like this?We Answered:Free diet profile.Calorie listings. Being able to track your weight loss...

  • Original Diet Patch


    Rene Said:Please answer if you have vitiligo?We Answered:It is right that vitiligo generally appears in three pattern and furthermore it has categorized in five subcategories. which are focal, segmental, universal, vulgaris and acrofacial. there is some useful tips for you for treating vitiligo. keep in mind that it is slow process...

  • Tips For Creating Delicious Meals For One


    Veronica Said:My wife and I want to experiment...?We Answered: happy watching ;)...

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